How Graphics Can Improve Your Fleet Vehicles

Mar 15, 2021 | Fleet Vehicle Graphics, Trailer wraps, Truck Graphics, Van Graphics, Vehicle Graphics and Wraps, Vinyl graphics

Believe it or not, your fleet of vehicles can say a lot about your business. Without mentioning the variable of how well those vehicles are drove around (hopefully safely), the way that they look can sometimes give people all the information that they need to choose your business over a competitor – and vice versa. Fleet vehicle graphics are a great way to make that initial impression on your audience, but it’s more than just slapping a logo and phone number onto the doors… Here are some ideas on how to improve your fleet vehicles with smart graphics choices.

fleet truck graphics

Create Unison Among all Vehicle Types

If you’re against getting vehicle graphics for your fleet because there’s a variety of vehicles in your fleet, then you’ve got to get creative! This is one good reason to work with a good graphics company that will set you up with a graphic designer to create a cohesive design that creates unison among all of your different vehicles. Even though each vehicle may look different, having branding graphics on each one will visually tie them together.

Vehicle Graphics Can Improve Fleet Management

If you’re a fleet manager, then you know how quickly things can get disorganized when you have to keep track of a fleet of vehicles. The obvious fix is to associate unit numbers with some identification on the vehicle – like the VIN or license plate number. A commercial fleet is required to have 2” tall US DOT number decals, but that number applies to the entire company’s fleet. Unique unit numbers can also help your customers to know who to expect if your company makes house-calls.

enclosed trailer wrap

Cultivate a Positive Brand Image

Sometimes your brand image is the deciding factor for a potential customer who is not familiar with your company. Fleet vehicle graphics or wrap graphics are one of the best ways to present a professional image and to start off on the right foot. Another good reason for wrapping your fleet vehicles is for identification purposes while your technicians are on the road. There’s nothing sketchier than a questionable unbranded van sitting in your neighborhood, so put nosey neighbor’s minds at ease with clear identifiable vehicle graphics.

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Get Started on Your Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Here at Connecting Signs, we work with several businesses to help develop, produce, and install their fleet vehicle graphics. Our experience has brought us far and we’d love to work with you to get your fleet vehicles branded with striking graphics that will turn heads and generate leads! Get started by calling us at 970-493-0133 or request a quote here.

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