Directional Signs for Schools and Colleges

Aug 4, 2016 | Directional Signs, Wayfinding Signs


Have you ever been to an airport, that you’ve never been to before, and made a wrong turn or got lost? If you’re in a huge rush trying to catch a connecting flight, that scenario right there is a frequent traveler’s worst nightmare! You do not realize how important good way-finding signage is until your family vacation depends on it. Directional signage doesn’t just make your customer’s lives easier, it allows your staff to focus on their work instead of guiding lost visitors to the restrooms. With so many options out there for directional signs, the task of organizing, designing and manufacturing these informational signs can seem daunting. That’s when you give us a call!

Colorado State University recently came to us to help them with their directional signage needs. The Lory Student Center is an ever-changing hub of students and staff. The place is more like an airport than anything else! There’s a food court, multiple levels with multiple offices, computer shops, clothing shops, a bank, study rooms and much more. Come Fall semester and that place will be a hive of new students and visitors trying to find their way around the building. Indoor Directional Signs for Schools and Colleges need to be clear, and simple, which is exactly what CSU needed.


We helped guide them through the many options of designs and types of signs. They ended up going with large (and easy to read) tower signs. They’re 3-sided, triangular and completely custom to ensure functionality and visibility. Each side has a clear acrylic protector to go over the posters that they will print and insert themselves. We printed these initial inserts for them on non-glossy poster material. The finished signs ended up being seven feet tall, and each side is almost two feet wide. They will showcase informational posters for events, classes and other collegiate activities. We also fabricated a nice way to showcase the Lory Student Center brand; a brushed aluminum panel with their logo applied directly to the panel.


These signs will be vitally important to incoming students and visitors of the Lory Student Center. It was also very important to us that they were easy for the client to understand how they work. There are many ways to direct your visitors with signs. Let us show you how to get started. We’ll answer any question you might have and work with you to help you accomplish your directional signage needs. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor signs, we do it all! Request a quote here, or give us a call!

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