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Oct 26, 2023 | Uncategorized

Rock Bottom Restaurant is in Loveland, CO and was due for a big uplift to their outdoor signage! The over 20-year-old channel letters and silo sign needed to be retrofitted which meant we did not replace the channel letters or the cabinet silo sign; but upgraded parts of the signs to help it last another 20 years.

We removed the front of the channel letters and cabinet sign and brought them back to our shop to do the work.

Illuminated Channel Letters

  • Take down the face of letters.
  • Channel letters retrofitted with new energy efficient LED lighting, saving the restaurant money and will significantly give the sign a longer lifespan.
  • Replace sign fronts.

The cabinet

  • Take down the sign, clean the sign cabinet, dis-assemble push through letters, removed existing graphics.
  • Applied new full color printed graphics and new LED lighting. More savings and longer lasting sign.
  • Re-install cabinet to silo.

Get the benefits of good restaurant signage

  • Large, tall well-lit signs
  • Good colors
  • Simple fonts
  • Use sides of your building
  • Use energy efficient lighting

All the work of removing the large signs, transferring them back to our shop, dis-assembling, re-assembling, and taking everything back to the restaurant was a huge job! Everyone played a part in the completion, and we were so happy with the results.

The pictures say it all! Before and after pictures.

Channel LettersIlluminated Channel Letters

Above pictures show the channel letters before and after with new LEDs added to sign.

Silo SignSign Removal

Above pictures show the original cabinet sign on the silo and the removal of the sign.

Cabinet SignRestaurant Sign

Above pictures show transporting the sign to our shop and the cabinet sign getting new vinyl graphics.

Illuminated Cabinet Sign

The above picture shows the finished cabinet sign with new LEDS.

Is your sign reaching 20 years old? If so, it might need to be retrofitted with up-to-date technology and faded graphics replaced. Think it’s too big, too expensive, too much trouble? Our answer is no! Give us a call and we will work with you through the whole process – start to finish! We’ve got all the tools and experience to get the job done, well worth the time and money. Call us today! Visit our website www.connectingsigns.com.

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