What a Monument Sign Says About Your Business

Apr 19, 2021 | Dimensional Letters, Monument Signs

What a Monument Sign Says About Your Business

One of our favorite types of jobs is the monument sign. Monument signs are built separate from the main building to ensure that the sign’s visibility is at the highest level possible. You’ve definitely seen many monument signs, but maybe you didn’t think twice about it! Whether you are changing or adding a brand-new monument sign, it tells your customers a very important thing about your business. A monument sign is a solid, permanent structure and not going anywhere. That is exactly what it says about your business!

exterior monument sign

How to Make a Monument Sign Stand out:

  • Wood or masonry material built in the ground
  • Match the design of your building, logo, and spot colors
  • Add dimensional lettering
  • Add LED illumination to your logo or lettering
  • Build the sign in a highly visible area – near the road or entrance of your parking lot

Dimensional Lettering to Make it POP

Out of the three ways, dimensional lettering is the most effective or most looked at and noticed. This type of lettering is a thick and solid material adding depth to the look. Most other signage has 2-dimensional lettering (length and width or flat lettering). Dimensional lettering or channel letters are not only attractive, but it is a very popular product in the sign industry. There are many types of material, finishes can be mounted on smooth or uneven surfaces and can be front or backlit. The letters can also be stood off and backlit giving it a halo look.

monument sign dimensional letters fort collins sign company

Cabinet Signs are Cost-effective and Versatile

Many monument signs are simple cabinet signs installed on posts dug into the ground. Cabinet signs are not exactly like your kitchen cabinets, but it’s kind of similar. The cabinet is constructed from aluminum panels and usually is formed into a 3-dimensional rectangular cube which can internally house electrical components for illumination. A translucent outdoor-grade acrylic panel is then installed on the open face of the cabinet. It’s on this panel that we print your custom branding graphics and we apply a layer of clear laminate to extend the life of the print.

Monument Signs Visible from all Directions

Be aware of certain things if you are adding a brand-new monument sign with a permanent need. Make sure your location is correct, it will be difficult to change the location once you have started. The sign should be visible from all directions. The dimensional lettering should be a material that is able to withstand the elements and legible from certain distances. Most often these signs need to be seen at night so lighting should be considered and talked about to make sure it’s done correctly and fits your budget.

church entrance monument sign - Connecting Signs

Get the Most out of Your Time and Money

If you are needing a monument sign, it’s important to work with an experienced company to make sure you make the most out of your time and money. We guarantee it will be worth it. A monument sign is an extension of your business – here to stay! Request a quote from Connecting Signs today – the experts in monument sign design, manufacturing, and lighting.

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