Monument Sign Design

Apr 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Monument signs are large signs that are made to be used outside, often towards the road or driveway and away from the building they refer to, and set at an eye level that is easy for those in vehicles to see. Simply put, monument signs make it easy for drivers to find your business and know where it is. Because monument signs are outside, they need to be designed with sturdy, long-lasting materials, such as brick, stucco, aluminum, or steel to maintain their appearance against the varying seasonal elements. However, this shouldn’t dishearten any company with vibrant, colorful branding! At Connecting Signs, our expert team of graphic designers are familiar with the materials and the right ways to manipulate them to represent the look and feel that you have in mind. Today’s post will discuss some important things to consider in monument sign design.


 Monument Sign Design Basics

At its root, monument sign design maintains the same fundaments of all sign design. We will briefly summarize the basics of sign design today, but we also want to mention that in 2019, we wrote a really great post all about the basics of sign design that might be worth referencing.

All signs, monument or otherwise, need to be indicative of your company’s branding, they need to be easy to read and understand by your audience, and they should be attractive to look at. All of this can be accomplished with the appropriate use of logos, by selecting fonts that are easy to read, and by using appropriately contrasting colors, and special awareness to avoid making the sign look cluttered. If you have successfully accomplished branding and a logo that follows these rules, you are already halfway there!  

In the context of monument signs, this usually means keeping the text very simple. Many monument signs only have a company’s logo, or name, or a combination of the two.


Monument Sign Design: The Landscaping Aspect

While this doesn’t happen always, it is not uncommon for a monument sign to be designed to accent or compliment landscaping. As a matter of fact, some companies choose to landscape specifically after their monument sign is installed so they can choose foliage and rocks that create a beautiful, cohesive look, or in other words, they design their landscaping to compliment the monument sign. This can be a great way to boost the curb appeal of your business.

Of course, this is entirely optional and depends on the sign, the branding, and the company. However, because monument signs typically are not far from the ground, it is really important that any foliage in the area of the monument sign does not cover the sign itself.

Should your company choose to landscape around the a monument sign, or decide to have a monument sign installed in a landscaped area, it is good to keep in mind that the sign should still be the focal point of the area.


Monument Sign Design: lighting up the world with LEDS

Many monument signs have uplighting to make it easy to see the signs after dark, but some companies like to take their displays to the next level, and have a portion of their sign that includes a section for LED electronic messages! This is great for organizations that may want to display brief, additional information about their business, especially if that information regularly changes.

For example, monument signs designed with LEDS are a popular choice for churches who might want to display service times and guest speakers, or for event spaces that might want to display the name of the event and make it easy for people find the event they are looking for, or any company that might want to advertise seasonal promotions!


While some of our clients design their own signs and have us build and install them, many also take advantage of our in-house graphic design team. Whether your business needs a sign designed, built, installed, or all of the above, Connecting Signs is ready to help. Give your Colorado sign company a call when you’re ready to take the next step towards having a beautiful monument sign.

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